I Feel Like a Nervous Wreck (2019)

I feel like a nervous wreck was made in collaboration with Closed on Monday Gallery, an online 3D virtual exhibition space. Many of the works in this show were made by extracting 3D models from BeamNg.drive and adapting them for the gallery environment.

You can visit the gallery here ︎︎
(You can still visit the show by finding it in the Archive section of the site.)

Here we encounter the crashform in two different incarnations: as 3D objects; and within the short, looped videos that ‘hang’ on the gallery walls. The virtual space allows for the crashforms to exist outside of the BeamNG.drive environment, but to remain in a digital realm.

With peculiar sentimentality, the shape and movement of the crashforms defy the physics of an actual car crash and exude vulnerability. Writhing, jittery and fragile, they appear nervous and their behaviour vaguely resembles that of an animal and/or human. As you move towards the crashforms, their motions become faster and more vigorous, almost like cries for help to piece their strewn parts back together.